Disaster Notes

 Tragedy Records Essay


Simple description:

A hero's fall in a world great and nasty

Classical definition:

Aristotle – Ars Poetica (Poetic Arts)

* Tragedy is significant

* Leading man is involved in a issue

* Leading man experiences wonderful suffering

5. Hero is definitely defeated and dies

Tragedies involve…

* A flawed or tainted society

5. Tragic hero

* Tragic flaw

* Mistaken choice of action

5. Catastrophe

* Discovery

Disaster arouses in the audience the emotions of pity and fear 2. Producing in the audience a great catharsis of emotion

Misfortune reaffirms the primary order from the universe

Faulty or perhaps corrupt culture

* Personas that are more " wicked” than the leading man

Tragic Leading man

* Not thoroughly very good nor completely evil

* " better than us” in the sense that the hero is of a higher sociable status or perhaps of higher meaningful virtue 2. Suffers a change of bundle of money as a result of a mistaken selection of action (the hero provides free will) * Treated by the author, poet, or playwright with dignity and respect 2. Usually, the group will sympathise with the tragic hero

Tragic Flaw

2. An error in judgement caused by ignorance or perhaps human some weakness, contributing to the downfall in the tragic main character * Sometimes takes the form of a metaphorical " blindness”, or an inability to view things evidently * A single common tragic flaw can be " hubris”

* Satisfaction or overconfidence which leads the tragic leading man to disregard a divine warning or violate an essential moral regulation

Wrong choice of actions

* Usually related to, or perhaps caused by, the " tragic flaw” 2. Will confirm harmful to someone that is so close to the tragic hero that it is like he/she is definitely harming him/herself


2. Severe misfortune, usually unexpected

* Disaster, accident, adversity, blow, calamity, cataclysm, etc .


* The hero understands the mistake, endures, and dead for it

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