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C18OB Tutorial One: OB & the Scientific Approach

Reading: Chapters 1, 2 and three or more of Mullins (see as well lecture notes by lecture two, Who Research OB? )

Q1. Exactly what the four key steps in scientific query, question, inquiry, interrogation? (The analyze of efficiency behaviour) Behavior & perceptions of people at your workplace either separately, in groups, or inside the entire workforce`s actions around the effectiveness from the organization. The four important steps in scientific enquiry may be divided into several categories, which usually collectively effect behaviour at work organisations. The consumer

The group

The enterprise

The environment

Several assumptions must be built before important research upon OB may start & these are… Q2. What are the four simple assumptions that underpin the study of OB? Behaviour can be predicted

Behaviour is caused by elements that can be identified

There is a limited number of these types of causes

Its possible to pull general a conclusion about individual behaviour from particular research

Q3. Can the study of men and women and their habits in an organisational setting ever be ‘scientific'? (Explain your thinking here) Despite the strong critisims pf scientific management, in the proper circumstances the underlying principles still have relevance and much to provide business organisations today. Relating to Taylors work (relevance of scientific management) yes, but on the reverse side his work has been very criticised. Q4. Do the cultural sciences suffer from ‘real' (physics, say) scientific envy? That is certainly arguable.

" The study of organisational behavior is really a skill that pretends it is a research and creates subjective research findings in an vain try to try to prove the point” To what level are you able to dispute against this statement? What do The thing is as the worth in the examine of organisational behaviour?



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