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Foundations of Psychology

Cristina de l'Aigle-Barnett

PSY 300 – General Psychology

October twenty seven, 2014

Berish Lindsay-Strother

Foundations of Psychology

Psychology is the process of understanding ones mental processes just like how and why one particular thinks, seems, and reacts the way they perform. Psychology is a process in which the scientific method is accustomed to better understand and evaluation these operations (Allport, 1985). Psychology began as a means to blends those two differing schools of thought into one. Mindset quickly separated into diverse schools of thought as a means to explain a persons mind and its behaviors. With this paper all of us will discuss in more depth about a handful of them such as structuralism, functionalism, psychoanalysis, behaviorism, and humanism (Allport, 1985). Wilhelm Wundt is regarded as one of relation founding dads. He was a pioneer employing laboratory analysis as a way to backup his hypotheses of the mind. One of Wundt's students Edward Titchener employed Wundt's theory of more self examination as his basis of his new way of thinking called structuralism. Structuralism is the study from the contents with the mind (Britannica, 2001). Just like his precursor Titchener assumed that the scientific method was the only way to the science of the mind. Structuralism was just one of two schools that dominated mindset in its early years. The additional was functionalism. Functionalism was your product of one Harvard graduate named Bill James. Adam believed structuralism was a wonderful start, on the other hand felt your brain still needed further outlining and hence functionalism was born. In which structuralism concentrated its work on the mental processes themselves, functionalist conserved their attempts on the role those procedures play. Functionalism is the study of how ones psychological processes helps one particular adapt to their very own environment (Britannica, 2001). Psychoanalysis was founded by Sigmund Freud. Freud believed that the unconscious mind affected behavior. Freud believed that the human head was comprised of three elements: the identity, the ego, and the super ego. " The id is composed of the primal urges, while the spirit is the component of personality incurred with coping with reality. The superego is a part of persona that contains all of the ideals and beliefs we internalize from our parents and lifestyle. Freud thought that the discussion of these 3 elements was what generated all of the sophisticated human behaviours (Sheehy, & Forsythe, 2013). ” Freud's school of thought hasn't gone devoid of controversy, nevertheless Freud's way of thinking has influenced other of psychology's greats such as Anna Freud, Carl Jung, and Erik Erikson (Psychology, 2005). Behaviorism created as a a reaction to the theories of Ruben B. Watson, Ivan Pavlov, and B. F. Skinner. Behaviorism took off and became the dominant school of thought during the 50s. Behaviorists centered their work of visible behavior. Behaviorist believe that almost all behavior may be explained by ones environment rather than by types internal makes (Lee, 2005). Classical health and fitness was invented by Ivan Pavlov. He believed that classical health and fitness was the learning process that occurs through associations between types environmental stimulation and the natural stimulus. Operant conditioning was your thoughts of B. N. Skinner. Skinner believed that learning may occurs through rewards and punishments pertaining to behavior. Skinner believed that through operant conditioning, a connection is made among a behavior and a result for that patterns (Lee, 2005). Humanism is a product of Abraham Maslow and Carl Rogers. Humanism focused on an individual's free can, self-actualization, and private growth (Lee, 2005). " While early on schools of thought were largely dedicated to abnormal human being behavior, humanistic psychology differed considerably in the emphasis on aiding people attain and match their potential (Lee, 2005). ” " Humanistic mindset remains quite popular today...

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