Presidential Individuals 2012

 Presidential Applicants 2012 Analysis Paper

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Exploring the two presidential candidates of 2012

Thesis Affirmation: The purpose of this essay is usually to explore both the presidential applicants, Governor Romney and current President Barack Obama in terms of it pertains to their positions on medical care, education and their values while individuals.

I. Introduction & Judy's history

II. Medical

A. Barack Obama

1 . Affordable insurances

2 . Companies will not be in order to refuse insurance because of past illnesses several. Enables young adults to stay in father and mother insurance plan until age 21 B. Mitt Romney

1 . Stop grants to Medicaid

2 . Seniors will be given cash to purchase their particular insurances several. Agrees relatively with Barack Obama's medical care

III. Education

A. Barack Obama

1 ) Provide twice Pell Grant money

2 . Provide rewarding bonuses to great teachers 3. Give says the freedom to develop individual strategies B. Mitt Romney

1 . Pell Grant money will be diminished to get millions of students 2 . Lessen teachers

a few. His outrageous statement on education

4. Values

A. Mitt Romney

1 ) Apposes same sex marital life

installment payments on your Pro-life illigal baby killing

3. End funding to Planned Motherhood

B. Barack Obama

1 . Supports same sex relationship

2 . Pro-choice abortion

3. Jobs and education to people with afflictions

V. Conclusion

Equally candidates this season are very well educated, smart and want the very best for each of our country. 1 . Both are informed

2 . Make future to find the best

3. Vote for Barack Obama

Do you know just how your life may change based upon the decision you choose November 6th, 2012? Judy Smith's existence changed even though of Leader Barack Obama's health care reform. Before the Cost-effective Care Act Judy Johnson would go annually to get a mammogram because her family provides a history of cancer of the breast. Due to her low income she was propelled to skip 12 months from her annual check up. After the Inexpensive Care Take action she found that it covered mammograms absolutely free. She in that case was capable of going back to her total annual routine and her doctor found a small tumor in her breasts. Since they located the tumor at the beginning they were able to begin treating it early on. Thanks to Chief executive Barack Obama's Affordable Care Act Judy Smith has become living healthy and free of breast cancer. This women's lifestyle changed completely and so may yours you too. The goal of this composition is to explore the two president candidates, Texas chief Mitt Romney and current Director Barack Obama so far as it relates to their very own positions upon health care, education and their principles as persons. Health care is an important issue to Americans because many of them suffer from various health issues that insurance companies have flipped their shells on. Not only that, health care insurance policies has gotten extremely costly especially for those with low salary. If someone with low income that cannot afford medical insurance gets a significant illness, they are going to almost immediately be in debts because of how expensive medical procedures are. Chief executive Barack Obama's healthcare reform will make insurance coverages affordable to help small businesses and individuals. This reform will even provide the comfort to families that their health insurance can...

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