Consumption Makes New Sociable Divisions

 Consumption Makes New Cultural Divisions Composition


TMA 02

Composition Plan


Give quick outline to essay, passage by section. Consumer society? Bauman. Veblen claims, Supermarket winners? Guys? Paragraph you

Industrial contemporary society Rich, poor divide increased

Meaning of consumption which means or cultural divides

Primary social split lessened, increased?

Heatherington mentioned Bauman

Passage 2

Age, disability break down

Paragraph three or more

Gender separate, Victorian occasions women not allowed out by itself.

Paragraph 4

Bauman's declare seduced, repressed. Not as black and white as it seems Paragraph 5

Veblen conspicuous intake. Nineteenth hundred years the lured of today? Paragraph 6

Grocery stores winners, duds Allens view


Sum up essay

My personal view on fresh social divisions.

Comment [J1]: Very clear essay plan


Describe the claim that consumption makes new sociable divisions. The goal of this essay is to summarize the claim that consumption produces new social divisions. Intake is the, use and fingertips of goods and services. The essay begins by looking at the meaning of ‘consumer society' and those whom are better placed to participate it. Second I will bring up the main social divides, that being a split among the interpersonal classes my spouse and i. e. functioning, middle and upper class, and Bauman's partitions into ‘the seduced' and ‘the repressed' and lastly we will look in the winners and losers in a consumer culture, Contemporary UK society is different from societies in the recent past for the reason that people often define themselves less by way of a jobs and more by what that they consume (Hinchliffe, 2012, g. 3) ‘Consumer society' is known as a term frequently used by sociable scientists meaning we now produce our details in society through what we buy rather than our occupation. This makes divisions in a consumer world into all who have the methods to fund this kind of lifestyle and those who tend not to. Kevin Heatherington also notes that in past times, much of the UK could be regarded as an industrial society, noticeable that it is by its production facilities and its workers, and with lifestyles organized to a large extent around functioning lives. Today social life seems to tools meant to as much or even more around what folks buy and what they do with their possessions. (Heatherington cited in Hinchliffe, 2012, p. 3) This lets us know that categories between the abundant and poor have definitely intensified through the years. The categories can also be found between the young and old, men and women and the able and disabled bodied. A young person with little money may find this much easier to participate in consumer actions than a person with a related income whom also has disabilities or is within a different age group. (Heatherington, 2009, p. 29) This may be since they are in a better position to obtain into the acceptance of others. For example being able to buy the latest trends in clothes, or having the ability to go to the correct clubs, listening to the latest music and so on. They are also more likely to include a larger network of friends to share their particular interests with. This would be harder for an older person or a person with a disability as they may have to spend their money more on necessities just like basic meals, heating, prescription medications. This may leave them feeling omitted from the buyer society as they are more socially isolated, and less of a concentrate on consumer by companies that sell items. In Even victorian times girls were not allowed to shop only without a chaperone, for anxiety about them staying mistaken for the servant or a prostitute. The newly developed department stores storeowners became clever and recognised that a many their clients would be ladies and it became a safe, public place for women plus they, as its main consumers, embraced it totally. (Heatherington, 2009, p. 39) In this case the division between men and women is now less intensified. Zygmunt Bauman believes that consumer culture is classified into two fields ‘the seduced and ‘the repressed' He thinks that a lot of people are better placed than others to participate in the consumer world i. at the...

References: Heatherington, K. (2009) ‘Consumer world? Shopping, consumption and sociable science', in Taylor, T., Hinchliffe, S., Clarke, M. and Bromley, S. (eds) Making cultural lives, Milton Keynes, The open school.

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