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Application of Medical Theory

Nursing staff have to produce numerous decisions on a everyday basis. Many are simple decisions and other concerns are more complicated and need guidance making decisions. Nursing theory is one way intended for nurses to make decisions based on problems or situations they deal with. As Cody (2003) says, " one learns to train nursing by simply studying breastfeeding theories” (pg. 226). This statement could be applied to problem solving and decision making. By using theory, nurses can easily apply principles to solve concerns, since practice is derived from theory. It is also known by Cody (2003), that " nursing practice will probably be transformed to the betterment of humankind when all medical practice is definitely fully autonomous and well guided predominantly by nursing theory” (pg. 230). This includes all aspects of medical including breastfeeding leadership, breastfeeding education, medical informatics and health policy. The middle selection nursing theory of nursing intellectual capital is one which was developed to understanding how medical knowledge inside healthcare agencies influences sufferer and organizational outcomes (Covell, 2008). It really is comprised of two mutually assisting concepts of nursing man capital and nursing structural capital. Nursing human capital is motivated in the workplace by nurse staffing requirementws and company support to get continuing specialist development and is also directly linked to patient and organizational outcomes. The breastfeeding structural capital is directly related to sufferer outcomes (Covell, 2008). The next sections of this paper will certainly focus on the situation of nursing jobs turnover and retention as well as the strategies which can be used to solve this issue by applying medical theory. Problem/Issue

The problem of nursing yield and retention of healthcare professionals is a global problem. Numerous studies have been done for the causes of medical turnover and how to prevent this within a health-related organization. In the facility in which I function, nursing proceeds and retention has always been a problem that our health professional executives and nurse managers have worked to take care of. The problem is that, since the facility is run by the state government, this makes it extremely difficult pertaining to middle managing to put into action change mainly because it does not are derived from our condition office officials. I have found many doctor managers arrive and disappear in the just over two years that I have been there due to the fact that they cannot implement in order to correct one of the biggest problems the facility is constantly on the face. By simply exploring this problem further, my own belief is that as a foreseeable future nurse professional, I may be able to bring this matter to the cutting edge of their target. O'Brien-Pallas, Murphy, Shamian, Li, and Hayes (2010), conducted a research examine to determine elements and elements that affected nursing proceeds. In their research they discovered that insufficient team support, lack of autonomy, inability to deliver care in respect to skills learned, support for constant professional creation, salary, and legal ramifications were most top reasons that nurses left certain healthcare organizations. In another research survey entitled, " Staying in Nursing jobs: What Factors Determine Whether Nurses Intend to Remain Employed, ” the authors state that " managers have an immediate influence on the work environment, function processes, and work rewards such as reward and recognition, all of which impact nurses' intentions to remain employed” (Carter & Tourangeau, 2012, pg. 1591). Having a powerful nursing command presence in a healthcare corporation that rewards nurses to get doing a good-job and provides a very good foundation is exactly what keeps nurses in their current positions. Those attributes, nurses are more encountered with negative factors which in turn, contributes to decreased preservation and elevated turnover costs. Other factors with this study in reference to nurse retention include a few of the same factors mentioned in the last study. These kinds of included supply of autonomy, pay, organizational support, and access to educational...

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